Symphonic Middle East · 2023-2024

SEASON 2023-2024

About Festival

In October, Dubai will be the stage for the eagerly-awaited third edition of the Symphonic Middle East Festival, brought to you by the SAMIT Event Group. Building on the success of its debut in 2021,and its remarkable follow-up in 2022 this year's festival promises another round of outstanding world-class music, featuring renowned artists from around the globe.

The Zabeel Theatre will host the festival, offering an exceptional and prestigious event in one of the world's leading cities. This festival continues its mission of sharing classical music with audiences worldwide, bridging cultures through the power of music.

Welcome to Symphonic Middle East · 2023-2024

CEO & Founder
of SAMIT Event Group

Dear guests,

Dubai has become the best place to be during a pandemic; no other city in the world can still offer such a variety of entertainment. Audiences in the UAE are lucky to have access to one of the finest art forms, culturally diverse and innovative at the same time. 

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